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July 15, 2024

Why Do AI

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Paul Veeneman


Paul Veeneman is an experienced professional in the field of technology, specializing in AI and cybersecurity within critical infrastructure. With a career spanning over 27 years, he has contributed across various sectors such as Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. Veeneman’s work primarily involves Operations Technology, Industrial Controls, IoT, IIoT, and SCADA, with a focus on protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

Veeneman combines innovative and practical approaches in AI and cybersecurity, drawing on his extensive experience. He views the digital world both as a technologist and a strategist, understanding the opportunities and challenges of AI in protecting critical systems. His unique perspective is informed by a deep appreciation of AI’s complexities and its impact on infrastructure.

Additionally, Paul is recognized for his leadership and mentorship, emphasizing knowledge sharing in cybersecurity and AI. He holds certifications in CISSP, CISM, and CRISC, reflecting his expertise and commitment to his field.

He also contributes to the broader community through his involvement in industry boards, including local chapters of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the International Society of Automation (ISA). This engagement demonstrates his commitment to influencing and advancing the field of technology.

Veeneman’s career reflects his dedication to innovation and security in the domains of AI and critical infrastructure. His journey is marked by continuous learning, leadership, and a commitment to shaping the future of technology and cybersecurity.

Note from the Editor: Paul has been elected to represent MNISSA as the current President! Congratulations Paul!